Read the interview again and check your ideas.

Decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).

1. Clover works as a freelancer for the Financial Times.

2. He has no plans to return to Russia.

3. Eurasianism is a political movement that no longer exists

4. Eurasianism is brought back to life by a group of “siloviki’

5. He is very fascinated by the history of this movement.

6. Clover didn’t manage to talk to some of “siloviki”because of conspiracy.

7. He was dissatisfied with the wars in Afghanistan and particularly in Iraq.

Find words and phrases in the text of the interview that mean the following. Numbers indicate questions of Read the interview again and check your ideas. the interview.

a) to continue doing an activity to achieve something (2)

b) to bring something back after it hasn’t been used for a period of time (3)

c) someone who leaves their own country to live in another (3)

d) to obtain the attention from media (4)

e) a group has very little power or influence(4)

f) to force people leave a place or organization because the people in power do not like them (4)

g) uncertain about what to do or say because you are nervous or unwilling (4)

h) a journalist who stays with the unit of the armed forces during a Read the interview again and check your ideas. war in order to report about fighting (5)

i) stop doing or stop happening (5)

j) when someone behaves in a rude way because they think they are very important (5)

k) used at the beginning of a word or phrase that someone else has said (5)

Explain in your own words the following words and expressions.

mainstream newspapers; freelancer; utter stupidity; former ambassadors and former generals; do research; be reluctant to discuss; to be posted; mid-career journalist; nostalgia; the analysis page editor;

get to apply to some kind of work; far right wing activists; to come on staff; to be

keen to get Read the interview again and check your ideas. publicity;


Discuss the following questions in small groups.

- What type of journalist Charles Clover is; account for his credibility?

- Discuss Clover’s conception of Eurasianism as ‘fascinating and disturbing’?

- Why is Russia his ‘hobby’? Do you think he will fulfill his hope to be posted there again?

Unit 4


Now you are going to read Charles Clover’s second interview in Russian given for the magazine ‘Journalist’ in September 2009.

Skim the text of the resume and make notes of the important facts and changes that have happened in his life Read the interview again and check your ideas. since the previous interview.

e.g. He has published a book on Eurasianism.


Американец. Родился в Висконсине, окончил местный университет со знанием арабского языка в качестве основного. Учился по стипендии Фулбрайта в Иордании (Университет Аммана). Магистерскую диссертацию защитил в Университет Джона Хопкинса в Вашингтоне. Автор книги о евразийстве как политическом и литературном движении в России. Переехал в Лондон. С 1997 по 2001 гг. работал собкором в Москве, Алма-Ате, Киеве. Затем несколько лет был корреспондентом в Кабуле и Багдаде. В 2005-2006 гг. возглавлял африканско-ближневосточное бюро «Файнэншл Таймс». Сегодня снова базируется в Москве. Интересуется Россией, ее историей и культурой.

В его обязанности Read the interview again and check your ideas. также входит освещение событий, происходящих на всем постсоветском пространстве. Г-н Кловер делится с «Журналистом» своими впечатлениями и мыслями о профессии и о России, а также о том, как эти впечатления изменились за годы его работы здесь.

Документ Read the interview again and check your ideas.